Production and picking software

Production Management supports the production process by automating the recording of events related to successive production stages. The application provides detailed information on production: planned, in progress and completed.

Key features

Check listControlling the use of resources
Check listSerial numbers, use-by dates, locations
Check listProduction valuation
Check listCompletion, substitutes
Check listStatements and reports
Check listIntegration with the RAKS accounting modules


Valuation and planning

The software is compatible with fiscal printers, code readers, data collectors and other external devices.

Series and expiry dates

The software allows batch numbers and expiry dates to be assigned to specific production batches.

Features of the articles

The software allows the definition of article attributes. It allows any type of feature to be defined (not just size, but e.g.: colour, density, type of finish, etc.). Multiple characteristics can be assigned to one article.

Completion and substitutes

The application allows the creation of different types of packages and sets, e.g. for promotions. Provides support for replacements in the event of an item shortage.

External devices

The software works with fiscal printers, code readers, data collectors and other external devices.


The software allows a simplified handling of production issues: definition of ingredients, production stages, degree of realisation, acceptance of individual phases.

Lead your business better

RAKS is successfully used among retail, service and manufacturing companies. It is fast, intuitive and secure. It is perfect for both small and larger companies.