Full accounting software

The RAKS accounting software is a complete and fully integrated accounting system designed to provide full accounting for private companies, state-owned companies, cooperatives, foundations and non-profit organisations.
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Working with Excel

The software provides a direct link to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Accounting data is transferred in real time and automatically updated in the Excel statements and reports created. You have complete freedom as to the scope and method of analysis.

Full integration
and continuity of records

Thanks to full integration, the system eliminates the need to enter the same data more than once, e.g.: after creating a cash report, entering a bank statement, accounting documents with the possibility of checking their posting will be created automatically. All collected data: directories, dictionaries, documents, settlements and declarations are available contextually throughout the system and are controlled by means of authorisations.

Simpler accounting

The software has the option of marking documents and their positions. Thanks to the use of defined accounting templates, it offers the possibility of flexible and automatic posting of documents. The solution increases work efficiency and relieves accountants from manual data recording.

Data security

The document recycle bin is a safeguard against accidental or unauthorised removal of an accounting document from the system. The Recycle Bin works in a similar way to the Windows Recycle Bin, however, special authorisation is required to remove documents from the Recycle Bin, which should only be granted to authorised persons.

Custom reports and statements

RAKS gives full freedom to adapt all standard statements and printouts to individual requirements. Both the scope of information and the graphic presentation of the printout can be individually adjusted. Among other things, we can create versions of reports in any foreign language. In addition, the Report Generator enables the creation of completely new individual statements using the data contained in the accounting system.

Open cooperation

The software is open to cooperation with other systems. It allows electronic import and export of data such as: dictionary files, commercial, financial and warehouse documents, speeding up and automating the accounting process and collaboration with customers.

Time saving

The software includes a model chart of accounts, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet, which can be easily adapted to your own needs. When posting documents, you can use ready-to-use posting templates, which simplifies and speeds up your work. You can send tax returns to the Revenue Office directly from the application. The Official Receipt will be saved in the application.

Bank statements

Importing bank statements will enable you to settle your accounts collectively, which speeds up your work enormously. The programme supports all the most popular bank file formats. You will eliminate possible mistakes and shorten the entire operation. The programme automatically recognises received payments according to counterparty account numbers and suggests the correct posting scheme.

VAT groups

The RAKS accounting software allows for VAT settlements within a so-called VAT group. In the application, members of the group are added and a representative is appointed who will create and send JPK VAT declarations on behalf of the entire VAT Group. The declarations are created automatically on the basis of the accounting data of the other members of the VAT Group.

Lead your business better

RAKS is successfully used among retail, service and manufacturing companies. It is fast, intuitive and secure. It is perfect for both small and larger companies.