Accountant dashboard

The module allows information on the stages of tax and social security settlements of the accountancy office's clients to be collected in one place. It ensures the sending of notifications about due liabilities and approaching deadlines.

Key features

Check listFull picture of settlement status by customer
Check listCommunication with office clients - tax amounts, reminders
Check listAll billing information in one place
Check listAutomatic data exchange with accounting modules
Check listManagement of accountants
Check listEasy access to historic customer data

Don't waste your time

You can gather in one place information on calculations relating to taxes, social security contributions, JPK and DRA files. The programme allows you to add notes and comments at each stage - visible to those responsible for the accounts.

Always an up-to-date picture of settlements

On a single screen, you will see what stage of billing each of your customers is at. All data is updated in real time. You see the numbers and amounts of posted documents.

Easy to communicate

Easily send notifications to your customers regarding accrued tax liabilities and their payment dates. You no longer need to copy and send taxes separately for each company.
The app shows the exact date and time each notification was sent to the customer.

Use additional accounting tools

JPK importer

You can import any invoices from other systems into the accounting module using a JPK VAT file. You save time and eliminate the possibility of mistakes.


You need access to your accounting software from anywhere. With E-Accountant, you can enter documents from any location and at any time, or you can share such functionality with colleagues in other locations.

Excel Analyser

Almost every accountant uses Microsoft Excel to analyse data. Working on RAKS, your Excel can automatically download data from the accounting module. You can prepare any statement in Excel, which will automatically update itself with the data entered in accounting.


Create a new, complete E-report in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance. You can modify the prepared file as many times as you like before the final entry. Preparing and sending an E-report can be really easy and convenient.


No more manual data entry. Start using automatic reading of documents you receive in paper or electronic form. The OCR system will read the data from the invoices, all you need to do is check that they are correct.


Dedicated app for accounting for business trip costs, including a mobile app for employees. Now you can plan business trip costs, collect related documents and account for employees in one place. With the mobile app, all expense documents are visible at a glance and employees have full control over expenses.

Improve the work of your accounting office

RAKS is successfully used to support commercial, service and manufacturing companies. It is fast, intuitive and secure.
It is perfect for both small and larger accounting offices.