RAKS for accounting offices

RAKS is a complete software for accounting offices. It allows bookkeeping and payroll accounting for companies, public institutions, cooperatives, foundations and non-profit organisations. It supports any number of entities - without limits or restrictions.

Key features

Check listQuick document entry
Check listConvenient import of data from customer systems
Check listFree telephone and e-mail support
Check listFixed Assets and Finance for any number of companies
Check listDirect data exchange: ZUS, e-declarations, JPK, bank reconciliation systems
Check listNo limits or restrictions on the number of cleared firms

Full accountancy

The software designed for keeping commercial ledgers. Functionally rich, yet intuitive and user-friendly. Streamlines daily work in the accounting office and allows easy control of all areas of full-accounting settlements. Provides multi-level control of access to data.

Simplified accounting

An extremely simple and user-friendly software designed for Accounting Offices that settle their clients on the basis of the Income and Expenses Ledger or records of income subject to lump-sum income tax. The application is intuitive to use and rich in features that streamline the daily work of accountants.

Human Resources and Payroll

The software streamlines the payroll and personnel management of the accounting office's clients. It provides full support for employment contracts and civil law contracts and contains ready-to-use schemes for calculating payroll. The programme is fully compatible with the latest version of the Płatnik (Payer) and allows for the preparation and sending of settlement reports: RCA, RZA, RSA and DRA.

Key software functions

Ergonomics of work

Fast and convenient document input, also using the keyboard alone. Advanced viewing, printing and exporting windows, search, filtering and grouping of data, exports and ‘on-the-fly’ statements streamline daily work.


The accounts receivable module is closely integrated with the accounting records. The extensive package of statements and reports it contains facilitates the management of receivables and payables.

Fixed Assets

The recording, updating or amortisation of fixed assets, equipment and intangible assets can be carried out easily within the programme. The combination with the accounting module provides a complete solution for the recording and movement of fixed assets within the company.

International cooperation

The system supports documents necessary when dealing with foreign counterparties, such as WNT, WDT, export invoices, purchase invoices in currency, SAD, and also provides the possibility to run a cash register in multiple foreign currencies.

Personal data protection

Thanks to an extensive system of recording and dividing permissions, the programme ensures control over access to selected data. RAKS operates in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Automated and template accounting

The software allows the marking of documents and their items. By using accounting templates, it allows documents to be posted automatically, which increases the speed of work and eliminates manual recording of data.

Data import and export

Openness to collaboration with other systems is an asset of the programme, making it possible to electronically import and export data, including files, dictionaries, commercial, financial and warehouse documents, speeding up and automating work.

E-declarations and JPK

RAKS enables the submission of tax returns electronically. It also collects the data required for the correct preparation and sending of the Single Control File. It enables control of the generated files before sending them to the Tax Office.


Thanks to full integration, the sofware eliminates the need to enter the same data more than once. All information: directories, dictionaries, documents, settlements and declarations are available contextually in all system modules.

Lead your business better

RAKS is successfully used among retail, service and manufacturing companies. It is fast, intuitive and secure. It is perfect for both small and larger companies.
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