E-accounting software

A browser-based application that allows documents to be posted from anywhere using automatic bookkeeping machines from the RAKS system. It gives the possibility to upload documents by clients and automatically read OCR data.

Key features

Check listAccounting from any location
Check listOCR - document scanning/reading
Check listMobile app
Check listDocument workflow
Check listAccounting for missions
Check listCosts of projects
Check listElectronic document exchange
Check listIntegration with the RAKS accounting modules

Quick posting

The OCR system automatically reads data from scanned documents . You do not need to manually rewrite data. Bookkeeping is based on ready-to-use accounting templates and schemes, which simplifies and speeds up your work.

Working without restrictions

The application works via a web browser. You can post documents from anywhere, anytime. Your clients have the possibility to upload documents directly from their mobile phone to E-Accountant. All files are archived.

Mobile app

Customers can send copies of documents to the accounting office via the mobile app. The documents received can be automatically read and posted. In addition, an archive of uploaded files is created, which can be accessed by the client and office staff.

Accounting for projects and missions

The software allows the allocation and control of costs for individual projects. It also supports delegation management. Employees record costs in the mobile application, which go directly to the E-accountant.

Improve the work of your accounting office

RAKS is successfully used to support commercial, service and manufacturing companies. It is fast, intuitive and secure.
It is perfect for both small and larger accounting offices.