Individual Guardian

From the first contact, through the selection of the software and its implementation, and then throughout the life of the system, you have an individual mentor at RAKS who will help you with all the issues related to our cooperation.

Unlimited support

If you have any questions about the software, you have access to unlimited support from our consultants. You can choose the most convenient way of contacting us – by telephone or e-mail.

Help at the beginning

In the first few months of work, we help our clients in a special way. Assistance during the first weeks of work or substantive support for the first month-end closing or payroll calculation is just one example of the many services we can offer.

Substantive support

If you have a problem or need that requires substantive support, all you have to do is contact us. Our specialists are individuals with a wealth of practical knowledge. They provide assistance in the areas of finance, accounting and payroll.


We realise how important it is to have the right knowledge of our software combined with knowledge of the ever-changing legislation. We have advice for this. Training. Product and content-related, individual and group, on-site or at the RAKS head office.

Remote services

Sometimes the problem you encounter requires, almost instant action. We are prepared for this. With your consent and presence, we connect via the Internet with the RAKS system you use and help you solve the problem.

Individual reports

Every company has different needs and specifics of its operations. To get a complete picture of how your business is performing, you may need customised reports and summaries. Let us know your needs and indications as to the scope and presentation of your data and we will prepare the right report for you.

Data analyses in Excel

Do you analyse company data in Excel? Do you create complex analyses concerning sales or cost structure? We will provide you with tools that will enrich the possibilities of Excel with functions enabling you to download data directly from the software database for any processing or presentation. From now on, you really can do more.

Data migration

Are you starting to work on our software and would like to transfer data from another module/software? Do you need to periodically transfer data from an external system to RAKS? At your request, we will prepare tools to make this possible.

Do you have a question? Call us or contact online