Debt collection software

The application allows for the automatic creation and emailing of due date reminders, payment reminders and overpayment information.

Key features

Check listPayment deadline reminders
Check listPayment requests
Check listOverpayment handling
Check listCustom message templates
Check listPrinting and archiving of notifications
Check listSending newsletters with any content

Use additional accounting tools

JPK importer

You can easily import invoices from any other programme into the system using JPK V7. No more manual entry of documents.


Post documents from anywhere, anytime. All you need is internet access to enter documents into the RAKS system. The mobile application also allows you to upload documents using a smartphone.

Excel Analyser

Your Excel can automatically download data from your accounting programme. The statements or reports you create are updated in real time with data entered into the RAKS system.


Preparing and sending an E-report can be really easy and convenient. The application supports all types of reports. Data is automatically downloaded from the RAKS accounting programme. You can also create a report with data from any programme.

Accrued expenses

Accrued expenses will become much easier. In the application you will set the appropriate indicators and settlement dates. The settlements will be automatically booked in the RAKS programme.


Workflow in the eKsięgowy system is an innovative document workflow that automates the work of the secretariat and departments within the company’s organisational structure. It organises the circulation of invoices and documents, e.g. contracts with contractors, and helps solve everyday problems with the handling of transferred documents.

Improve the work of your accounting office

RAKS is successfully used to support commercial, service and manufacturing companies. It is fast, intuitive and secure.
It is perfect for both small and larger accounting offices.